Fashion Stylist + Content Creator



I offer personal styling services for female & male clients who are looking to expand themselves as a brand and a socialite. It is my mission to provide a fun and a modern face for those in the front seat of media. I pride myself with building great relationships with clients and giving new life to an old soul. 



Style Consultation:


This service can either be offered in store or online shopping. It's your choice if you want to come along with her. She is  happy to be on foot for you and go wherever to get the right garments for your needs. During this process Nakia likes to introduce clients to new stores as well. Once all the shopping, she will discuss what each piece has to offer to you.

Special Occasion / Travel:

Nakia will take time to personally shop for a weekend getaway or an award show for you. We will discuss a style that you want for your trip or party, which will allow her to coordinate enough looks for you to chose from.


During this time Nakia will get to know you and your style. It will start with a quick meeting where she will learn your schedule, body type, shopping habits, and most importantly why you need her. Through this process it allows Nakia to know where to go with your relationship with her and with your wardrobe.

Closet Revamp:

A closet revamp allows Nakia to go into your closet and edit by either color or style. She will also help you go through what you should keep, and what to donate. Once you and her go over this you can see what key pieces you're missing and where to add to your style.

Outfit Coordinating:

When she coordinateS outfits for you, Nakia will teach you what goes with what and how to manipulate some pieces yourself. She will give you 10 mini flash cards of mock outfit ideas that will fit into your lifestyle.